Tap Jams

Tap Jams

We are here and so are
the #TapJams !

We know times are M.A.D.D.ening right now with COVID-19. Never fear, our tap jams are still happening we have just gone #virtual. We are hosting our jams through the Zoom platform. (View this tutorial about how to adjust the Zoom audio settings.) The link to the Zoom meeting will be posted the day of the Jam on our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Give us a follow or like to never miss another jam.

TAP JAMS are our way of paying homage to the HOOFERS of old and the traditions they set.

TAP JAMS make us better.

give us new ideas.

TAP JAMS help us communicate.

allow us to express ourselves.

TAP JAMS show us where we came from and where we are going.

TAP JAMS are absolutely necessary to nudge your growth as a tap dancer!

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