Ashton Carter

Ashton Carter is originally from Dallas, Texas and has been trained in a variety of different dance genres at Next Step Dance Performing Arts Center. She was trained under Malana Murphy, director of RIFF Dallas and Woodshed Experience, and Katelyn Harris, past member of Tapestry Dance. When she was sixteen years old, she began to spread her love of tap dance by teaching for a youth company.

It is here that she discovered her true passion for sharing tap dance to those who were eager to learn, like herself, and has been teaching young dancers ever since! Ashton was recently a part of The School at Jacob’s Pillow 2021 Tap Performance Ensemble. Here, she was given the opportunity to work alongside ten other dancers for two weeks, under the direction of Michelle Dorrance, Dormeshia, and Derick Grant.

She is now a resident of Chicago, Illinois and is currently a student at Roosevelt University majoring in digital marketing. She started her training with M.A.D.D. Rhythms in the fall of 2021 and since has done a multitude of performances alongside the company such as Summer Dance Celebration at Millennium Park, Feeling Good: A M.A.D.D. Rhythms Tribute to Nina Simone, A MADD Mixtape, and many more!

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